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“The Bucciardini family, faced with the uncertainties determined by the events of recent years, responds with a proven path in the name of sustainability”


Shocking events have occurred in recent years, destined to have an indelible impact on the international system. The pandemic crisis moreover, it has exposed the fragility and tensions of the world and of humanity, dramatically stopping the hands of progress and of the production system.

No one has survived unscathed, not even us.


It was and still is a period that continually offers us the opportunity to reflect on our way of producing and consuming to better respond to the new needs that have emerged, correct what is wrong and regain a more human dimension. This crisis must be an opportunity to slow down and realign everything, to draw a truer horizon and restore value to authenticity. What really matters now is to ensure that this hard experience does not go to waste.


Our apparently futile sector can and must be a great stimulus for renewal, acting with coherence and cohesion and getting closer to the real needs of the consumer, respecting those that increasingly appear to be precious assets to be protected: the environment and a healthy social fabric .

Our greatest wish is that we can once again appreciate an important yet simple concept: respect, towards the planet but also towards ourselves and others.


For this reason we have firmly decided to embark on an aware path that passes through a Materiality Analysis of our company with the aim of presenting a Sustainability Report shortly.


The Bucciardini family

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