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Go to Green

For us, sustainability is much more than an expressed concept. It is an awareness; a sense of responsibility that encourages us to preserve the environment to guarantee a future by carrying out our business in a conscious way.

Our sustainability goals for 2026 impose an ambitious roadmap to guide us and motivate our industry on this path.

In 2021 we launched the GO TO GREEN project with the specific aim of raising awareness of employees, customers and the community, to contribute and be an integral part  of the solution to climate change.

"Go to Green" our sustainable project

Sustainability strengthens our business​ giving meaning to what we do


Protect nature by taking important initiatives for the conservation of the environment in which we live


Beauty Brass prioritizes diversity, considering everyone's unique identities, expressions, ideas, skills and cultures


We at Beauty Brass are committed to ensuring that every step of the manufacturing process of our jewelry respects the well-being of people and the  planet 



We live and work in Chianti, in Tuscany, a place to be preserved. We are committed to protecting nature by taking important initiatives for climate change and for the conservation of the environment


Our way to
zero emissions

Our strategy is based on three fundamental points: reduce , avoid and compensate . The top priority is to reduce energy consumption and emissions by improving our operational efficiency. Another priority is to avoid emissions deriving from our processes by using clean and renewable energy. Since 2019, 100% of our energy consumption comes from clean and certified renewable sources. The last point is to compensate for the operational emissions that we are unable to reduce or avoid, by supporting green development and conservation projects (at the moment we are evaluating projects on which to invest).

Reduce the production of waste

We are engaged in  preventreduce, recycle and reuse at most all waste, whether produced in production or in offices. In particular, we are committed to the recovery of metals and packaging. We make our jewels using mostly recycled parts and for packaging we try to reuse the same elements several times, exchanging them with our suppliers.

Oceano inquinato di plastica


We believe that the strength of our company is closely linked to the well-being of the people who work and interact, internally and externally with us.

Our strategy is based on three main objectives:

Lavorazioni da banco


Enhance individual skills , without distinction of gender, age, origin or other, by making available the company willingness to provide training tools and activities aimed at increasing skills in various topics. Contributing to the professional growth of our employees can help us grow as a company. Our goal is to create a diverse, high-performing and committed workforce .


Create an inclusive workplace where employees feel valued in every aspect and leaders practice inclusive behaviors and lead by example. We try to maintain an open and constant dialogue with our employees, which helps to make Beauty Brass a better and more rewarding workplace.

Riunione di lavoro
Muba Gioielli


Having a strong, clear and coherent brand identity.

Knowing more deeply the characteristics, personality, values and objectives of the company generates trust and arouses a sense of belonging on the part of collaborators and customers.


We strive to respect the entire production process, from the procurement of raw materials, to the creation of our jewelry. For Beauty Brass all this means social and environmental integration .


The brass

We only use eco brass with low lead and cadmium content, nickel free, according to the California regulation known as "Proposition 65". Brass is a 100% recyclable material  .

Circular Economy Opportunity

Circularity is an important way to improve the sustainability of our company: reducing waste and saving precious raw materials as the jewels made are created to last over time and be regenerated. In the creation and realization phase of the new models,   we try to reuse or recycle the metal inventories in the process of manufacturing future products.

i nostri gioielli


In recent years we have tried to review all the material used in logistics and in the packaging of our products.

Where it has been possible we have eliminated plastic by replacing it with the use of paper and compostable material, where it has not been we use recycled plastic .

To reduce the environmental impact and encourage the correct disposal of waste in the company, separate waste collection is applied and the coffee machine contains compostable paper cups and wooden spoons.

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